yoga classes

Embodied Flow Inspired classes infuse embodiment practices into a flow yoga practice. This offers a deep mind-body connection and allows students to move from a felt-sense of the body's wisdom. These classes often include a blend  of asana with free movement.

Yin Yoga classes are slow & restorative and involve long, deep holds to evoke an experience of surrender. A blend of embodiment practices with yin poses makes this a potent meditative practice.

women's circles

A women's circle (or sister circle) is an opportunity to step into our fullest potential as women. It is a ceremony which offers a healing space to shift away from competition amongst other women and toward sisterhood. In circle, we may connect to the elements, practice ritual, set intentions, journal, dance, drum journey, meditate and share in safe space.

I hold regular women's circles. Find out how to participate by contacting me here.

I also co-host an online women's circle called She Activated.