A 4-Week Online Course

July 18 - August 15, 2020





This is an initiation.

the journey includes...

- 4 weeks of ceremony, embodied movement and ritual

- 4 online women's circles to honor each element (call will be recorded for you to keep)

- 4 guided embodiment practice videos to connect with each element in your body

- 4 guided ritual videos to connect with each element in nature

- Special weekly playlists made for you to move to each week

- Embodiment philosophy and it's connection to Mama Nature

- Make connections with women from all over the world

- Be supported and share in our private group chat

- 50% off embodiment coaching sessions with Jessica to go even deeper into your journey during course

want to join?

To sign up, message Jessica here!

join us if you hear a call to...

-Come to a deep embodied understanding of the elements in nature and within your body

- Awaken your creativity, your intuition and your power as a woman

- Create deep and meaningful connections with other women

- Learn embodiment and ritualistic practices

-Move deliciously through the world in your most authentic expression

- Connect deeply to Mother Nature and to your body

- Ease anxiety

- Attune your body/mind to the feminine way of feeling through the world

- Experience more balance and beauty in your daily life

-Love your body and realize how connected you really are


“Jessica is an inspiring example of what it is to be an embodied presence. Her words pour out from her body with ease and clarity and she possesses the natural ability to connect others to their physical experience in an empowering and transformative way. I absolutely loved her online training and the personal and bespoke atmosphere she creates in her group offerings. I can highly recommended working with Jessica if you are looking to deepen your self awareness and access your full range of emotions.”

- Sam Allen, Switzerland

"Jessica’s embodiment course took me on a synesthetic journey. The way her poetic words guided me not only into an intuitive movement practice, but also into opening myself to the crossover between senses. What does sound smell like? What color is it? How does breath move inside my body? And how does all of it become an intimate dance of soul, organs, bones, skin, and breath? I’m so grateful to have been part of this course, it gave my yoga and dance practices an entire new dimension that is uniquely mine, one where I get to FEEL music deeply in my body and let it move me from a place of surrender. This course is for anyone who’s ready to open themselves up to being more present in the subtleties of their own body and soul. Thank you Rivermoon xx" - Miriam Altounji, Canada

to sign up...

To sign up, message Jessica here!