"My yoga time with Jessica is sacred time. I have gone through probably the most challenging time of my life, and one of the things that got me through was yoga with Jessica. Somehow I always get what I need and her gentle way of guiding led me to practicing yoga in a way I never thought I could. Most importantly she guides me into the wisdom of my own body and gives me an opportunity to heal myself and have a gentle, free and loving relationship with my body."

~ Maj

"After every (embodiment coaching) session I have with Jessica, I feel relaxed in my body and clear in my mind. Running two businesses and taking care of my family has put me under a lot of stress. In our sessions, Jessica helped me uncover how I was holding that stress and where it was manifesting as pain in my body. I now have the tools to be less in my head so that I can shift out of stress mode and feel more relaxed."

~ Micheal

"Jessica's circles are transformational. I've been to many women's circles and hers was the answer to the call home. Gathering in circle with her, I felt guided alongside the clear conduit that is her heart. In that safe place, you learn to fly. Enjoy your seat at the altar of your heart - Jessica will open the cracks so the light streams out and you feel more connected to yourself and the whole world."

~ Kelly