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Copenhagen, DK ~ Friday, August 31st @ 18:00 - 20:00 ~ NOR: Nordic Health House

Mystics have referred to the heart as the entire universe in condensed form. Spiritual teachers have called it the seat of the soul. With every pulse, it represents the expansion and contraction of all worldly things and with each pause in between beats, a gateway to spirit. 

Having adapted to a fast-paced, mind-focused lifestyle many of us have experienced a dulling of the heart, being led to feeling disconnected, depressed and depleted. But with a bit of polishing and some fine-tuning, we can dive fully into the heart and be guided back toward the love, joy and freedom that we all long for. 

In this 2-hour masterclass, we will explore how contemplation, meditation and asana can attune the frequencies of the heart. Expect an array of chest, shoulder and upper back openers, leading into backbends. 

Price: 300 DKK Mobile Pay: 28 34 41 01 (subject: Rivermoon)

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one-on-one sessions

I have been on the road for the past couple of years (and counting) and technology has been a godsend for keeping me connected with you.

I offer Skype sessions - you are wherever in the world you are, I am wherever in the world I am and through the magic of the internet, we come together for a private yoga session; designed for your individual needs & desires.

That aside, if we are in the same place at the same time, I also offer in-person one-one one sessions.

Contact me here to book an in-person or online session!