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To be in flow is to be totally submerged in the moment that nothing else matters but right here, right now. In this state of being, thinking mind quiets and there is only presence; no comparison to what has happened before and no worry of what is to come. A deep trust and confidence in oneself takes over as one moment seamlessly streams into the next.
To practice being in the state of flow, we must unchain ourselves from the limitations created in the mind that take us out of the present moment. Flow state calls us to drop into the primal body - the body that knows where to go next, the body that can intuitively feel it’s way through the world.
This workshop will sweetly unravel the binds of pre-thinking each action and expand your ability to listen to the wisdom within and to move with that wisdom. You will be guided through an asana flow, slowly weaving in free movement until eventually the free movement will take the reins and you will be led into an open-floor moving meditation. Come discover the flowing ocean of bliss that is waiting for you to dive in.

one-on-one sessions

I have been on the road for the past couple of years (and counting) and technology has been a godsend for keeping me connected with you.

I offer Skype sessions - you are wherever in the world you are, I am wherever in the world I am and through the magic of the internet, we come together for a private yoga session; designed for your individual needs & desires.

That aside, if we are in the same place at the same time, I also offer in-person one-one one sessions.

Contact me here to book an in-person or online session!