Rivermoon guides a fluid and empowering movement meditation practice. Her classes encompass the finesse of alignment-based asana, the liberation of free movement and the softness of yin yoga. She blends contemplative themes into each practice to evoke a conscious connection between body, mind and heart.

When the asana practice transforms from a mere performance of poses into a meditation in action, a deeper conversation between body, mind and consciousness is induced. I teach from my heart and from my experience. My classes are designed to transmit a felt-sense of authenticity, creativity and freedom. I do this by creating a space in the yoga room for students to find their unique expression of movement. I am not interested in my students simulating everything I tell them to do in a process of follow the leader. My heartfelt hope is that my guidance will inspire students to tap into their intuition and creativity so that the yoga practice leads them towards moving authentically, Once the trust and confidence is gathered to move authentically on the mat, this genuine flow state will percolate into every other area of the individual's life and liberate them to realizing their potential and living their uniquely beautiful truth.

For as long as I can remember, I have had a hunger to work with people and to be of service to humanity. This longing led me to obtaining a bachelor's degree in Social Work & Women's Studies and eventually brought me to India for my very first yoga teacher training. That was nearly a decade ago and I have since been blessed to have practiced and studied with many magnificent teachers - all whom have informed my life, my practice and my teaching. I have participated in over 1000 hours of trainings in Akhanda, Anusara, Vinyasa and Yin. Currently, I am in an on-going relationship of study with my teachers Tara Judelle and Scott Lyons of Embodied Flow™. Having completed 300 hours of advanced training with Tara and Scott and having assisted on their retreats and trainings, I am an Embodied Flow Inspired teacher and I am continuing my education to become an Embodied Flow Movement Therapist. Hosting women's gatherings and leading women's work has been a huge part of my work for many years and in 2019, along with my sister Rebecca Freeman, I founded She Activated - an online community of women activating their highest potential.

my story

I was born in Canada as Jessica Basken. A big chunk of my life was lived according to how I thought I was supposed to. I prioritised being liked over being authentic. I chose safety over spontaneity. I felt comfortable yet dull.

But every now and then, we grow far too big to remain in a box built for us much too long ago. These are moments when we are confronted with a choice; to stay in the box, gasping for air or to break free.

The name Rivermoon was given to me by a dear friend on the 5th full moon of 2016 in the river of Vilcabamba, Ecuador. Just a few months previous, I had left that comfortably structured life for one that was waiting beyond the unknown. My old self was already deep in the works of unraveling, but as I found myself in the river that day, being pulled by a current that was much stronger than me, I felt how tightly I was still grasping onto old patterns of rigid control mechanisms to keep me afloat. As I frantically insisted on swimming upstream against the water's flow, I quickly realised that fighting to stay in control would not serve me in this situation. And I had a choice: I could keep swimming against the current, exhausting my energy - and not really getting anywhere - or I could trust that if I wasn’t in complete control, I would be okay. And, because mine is a story of surrender, I let go. And in that letting go of fighting the current, the grace of the river guided me back to earth.

The name Rivermoon is a reminder to follow my bliss. It reminds me that when I pull away from the hunger in my heart in order to fit someone else's mould of normality, I may survive, but I don't thrive. It reminds me to trust that when I let go of fighting myself, I will be held and supported to live as my best self. 

It's also just a hilariously hippy name that somehow gives me more permission to be a badass. I am not attached to either name. I go by both Rivermoon and Jessica.


I want to laugh more. I'm pretty sure this existence is meant to be enjoyed a hell of a lot more than we've led ourselves to believe.

I am inspired by people who are unmistakably themselves, who don't try to be anything more or less than who they are, who don't pre-think how many likes their actions will get them.

Creativity is universal. It cannot be attained or lost. We all have access to it and it's medicine is potent. 

I sit in meditation daily. Quietude speaks to me of peace.

I feel most joyful when I am dancing. But I dislike the label 'dance' as it carries so many preconceived ideas which tend to scare people away from doing it. If you can move, you can dance.

I love my body.

I sit with Mother Nature often. She is the best therapist I have ever known.

I consider anything that loosens my grip on separation and paves the way to connection to be a part of my yoga practice.

T here is a freedom that comes from embracing all parts of me - the good, the bad, the ugly, the beautiful, the light, the shadow. When nothing is denied or rejected, I am whole. In wholeness, I am liberated from the shackles of 'brokenness'.

My tribe is everything. If it weren't for the sisters and brothers who have seen me deeply, supported me & inspired me to rise, I wouldn't be the woman I am today.

Thank you.